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Zoning and CC&Rs

Zoning is important for a number of reasons. First, it gives an indication of the splittability of the land. If a 10 acre lot is zoned for 5 homes, you may well have to pay a huge premium to buy the lot for a single home. That's because it may well be a good buy for a developer wanting to build five homes for sale on the same land.

Zoning also indicates what you can do with the land. Can you build a home on the land? Can you keep horses or other livestock? Is it zoned agricultural (there may be certain tax breaks or lowered irrigation costs if this is the case).

San Diego County has introduced the 2020 plan, which is in effect a rezoning across the whole county that is scheduled to come into effect in 2007. The philosophy behind this plan is to redistribute zoning so that lots in residential and well populated areas are smaller, while lots in the more remote parts of the County are maintained as large, rural areas. For instance a 40 acre lot several miles from the center of Escondido might be splittable into 1 acre lots, while a 40 acre lot in Pauma Valley might not be splittable at all. The 2020 plan will have some effect on land values in the County in future years.

CC&Rs or Conditions, Covenants and Restrictions, are rules that can affect both housing developments and lots within designated developments. Typically, a lot with CC&R restrictions might be in a gated community and there may be restrictions on the type of home that can be built, or whether or not horses could be kept. It is very important that you find out about any relevant CC&Rs before you buy a lot.



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