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Using an Agent

If you want to sell a parcel of land, you can of course put a sign on the lot with your phone number and hope that potential buyers will contact you. There are two immediate problems with this approach. The first is that unless the lot is adjacent to a well-travelled road you won't get much exposure. The second problem is that potential buyers may live in a completely different part of the county (or country) and may never find out about the sign.

For these reasons, it makes a lot of sense to list the parcel with a real estate agent experienced in land sales. We already considered the basic experience and qualifications that you might look for in a land agent in the 'Selecting a Realtor' in the Buying Land section of this website. When looking for an agent to help you sell land, you also need some additional information.

How will the agent market your parcel? Will they just enter it into the local Multiple Listing Service and then forget about it? Will they take photographs? Will they get a preliminary title report so that they are aware of any issues involving covenants or easements that may affect the sale? Will they get an idea of the cost of improving the lot? Improvements may involve bringing in utilities, installing a water meter, improving road access and so on.

Advertising Land for Sale

As with a home, the most effective way to advertise vacant land for sale is to ensure that it is listed in the local Multiple Listing Service. In order to do this, the lot owner will have to list the land with a realtor. There are also several commercial internet listing services that are used by the real estate community, the best-known of these being LoopNET. Commercial developers and builders have access to LoopNET and this is a useful place to advertise land. Even if a lot is only zoned for a single residence, it may be of interest to a small developer. (But see 'The builder/developer discount' in the 'Appraising Land' section).



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