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New! April 2012 - list of books on buying and selling land added! Click here for the list.


Septic or Sewer

Septic System information - San Diego County

Septic Systems – Mound System

How to build a septic system

Mound septic system

Fire Department

State Fire Marshall website

Zoning and CC&Rs

Zoning – San Diego County


Landlocked lot



CEQA website


Getting a Loan

Cost estimates for building

Buying and selling land



The Building Process

Construction consultants

Land Description

Metes and Bounds software


Books on Buying and Selling Land

Investing in Land: How to Build Wealth Buying, Selling, Subdividing, and Developing Land
Robert J. Abalos (2003) Investing in Land Publications.
Expensive,  short on details, tells you to buy cheap – wouldn’t we all like to do that! Investor oriented.

Be a Successful Residential Land Developer (Paperback)
R. Dodge Woodson (2004) McGraw-Hill Professional.
Lots of useful information, geared more to the developer. But worth looking at.

Building Your Own Home For Dummies.
Kevin Daum, Janice Brewster, Peter Economy (2005) Wiley.
Has a few pages on land selection.  If this is your first building project you may want to get this book for all the other info as well!







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